It’s Been Way Too Long….

17 01 2011

The blog title should tell it all….it’s been way too long without an update about our life and growing family. It’s not for lack of time, but rather the motivation to be still for a few extra minutes and log my thoughts.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind with the holidays – I find myself loving and loathing them at the same time. Every year I determine to change my perspective, but find myself back in the same thought warp as the year before. At least I have another 11 months to restructure my thoughts and maybe get it right next year.

The adoption process is moving, albeit slower than this mommy heart would like. We are waiting for the elusive I171-H to arrive from the U.S. immigration office. This is the very last document we need to be able to send our dossier to Ethiopia. Then the next stage of waiting begins……
I would have never imagined that this adoption journey would find me so vulnerable – there are times when I feel anxious, excited, overjoyed, and then very sad. It has been a journey of faith that continues to deepen my foundation on the rescuing redemption of my Lord Jesus. Hard lessons – sometimes learned easily, but often in my case, the hard way.

This new year is sure to bring new beginnings – renewed health, financial freedom, deeper faith, and a growing family. May you be blessed in 2011. God be praised!!





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17 01 2011

Praying for expansion in your family soon. Love you guys.

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