Christmas, already???

12 11 2010

One of the interesting things about being in the Worship ministry, is that Christmas music is heard streaming from my office, as early as July each year.  I am used to having visions of sugarplums dancing in my head happen so soon.  It’s not uncommon for me to come home whistling “O Holy Night” in August.  My family is used to it.  It’s normal to them.

But something I am seeing more and more lately is that signs of Christmas is coming earlier and earlier each year.  I have already seen the displays in HEB, and Target, and a leisurely stroll through the Dallas Galleria last weekend confirmed my suspicions.  Christmas is in full swing!

At least, it is for a few retailers.  No doubt, in the midst of this recession we are in, they are working hard to get their share of our shopping and their profits.  They are scrapping for an ever shrinking market, as more and more American’s are effected by the economic downturn.

But, in reality that is not what bothers me.  Retailers are supposed to do that.  There bottom line is what drives them.  In many ways, they are working hard for their Christmas bonus, which is more than most of us do for our Christmas bonus.

No, what bothers me is the early-ness of it all.  Well, that, and the focus on spending and spending, and spending.  What I mean is this.  I LOVE to shop.  I don’t need all these fancy commercials telling me that I deserve the newest electronics, greatest new fashions, and other gizmos’.  No, I already fight those feelings.  I know that I have a broken wanter.  I love new things, but the secret is that I am hoping to do Christmas different this year.  I am expecting less, and seek to give gifts that mean more, (gifts of time, etc…) and take care of those that go without.  The drive on consumption is powerful, and the marketing geniuses know what they are doing.  I am hoping to do an increasingly better job of pushing against it all again this year.  I am expecting great things this Christmas, as I did last year.  It’s just not going to look like most American’s Christmas.  Will you join me?

The early-ness is another thing that is irking me.  Perhaps we can focus on being thankful for 1 month before the retailers remind us that they are waiting.  Take time with your family to talk about what you are all thankful for, each day this month.  We are doing that as a family, over dinner each night.  I am praying that my kids learn thankfulness in this simple act.  It’s so much fun.




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