Rescue via Servolution

1 11 2010

Last weekend, God moved in a mighty way.  I saw a glimpse of promise, as I witnessed the body of Christ, pouring out for a stranger, and her children.  I saw this family rescued from disaster, because people gave in the name of Christ.

Here is the story, as a good friend emailed it to me:

“Yesterday my wife came home upset because she has a little boy in her class that has been living in a Suburban in the school’s parking lot.  Come to find out that he is one of 5 kids, and the mother is a single mother trying to finish her dental hygienist classes to provide for her family.  They were living with her sister but the sister’s son beat the little boy up so bad that he was hospitalized.  So, she took her kids and left her sisters house.  They have no money, and have been living in their Suburban in various parking lots.

We drove around last night looking for them, and were just about to give up when we found them in the parking lot at Cullen Park.  The Suburban was filthy and smelled like urine.  They also had a little baby with them with no clothes on.  The boy in my wife’s class had sweat stains on his t-shirt that were old, like he had worn it for days.  We put them up in a hotel last night until Monday.”

As soon as I received this email, Friday morning, I passed it on to my LIFEgroup.  The calls came in immediately.  This Mother, was about to be shown the love of God in a real, physical, tangible way.  God was about to prove Himself to her.  I was pumped.

Saturday morning rolled around, and my friend and I, and our families, collected all that was donated, drove to the Motel 6 that she was at, and delivered it to her.  Tears rolled down her face as we told her of God’s love for her, and His saving power.  God showed up in that hotel room in Motel 6 last Saturday.

There is no end to the lives that can be changed, when we give our time/talents/and treasures to tell someone of the love of Christ.  How are you serving your neighbors?  Is there something that you are doing that is part of this SERVOLUTION?  How has that changed their lives?  How has it changed yours?






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