4 kids who have my heart

12 10 2010


Top Left: Beautiful Ikokole, from Uganda.  Wearing her new dress that she bought with the $20 we gave her for Christmas last year.  Oh the joy we could feel in her own words when she wrote us a thank you!  With it, a new dress, shoes, and some candy.  How marvelous.

Top Right: Little Dude = Olsen, from Haiti.  Olsen is near and dear to us, as he was one of the reasons we entered the fray known as Adoption.  See, after the earthquake in Haiti, with no information from Compassion, International, we thought to ourselves, “what if…would we bring him to live with us?  Would we be willing to adopt him?”.  The answer, an quick and resounding “YES”.  There was no need though, months later we received word that he was fine, and had a new baby brother.

Bottom Right: Dita Anastasia.  We don’t know much about her yet, as we just sponsored her 2 weeks ago.  She is from Indonesia though, and we love the Indonesian people.  From her card we know that she lives with both Mom and Dad.  Who are both, only sometimes employed.  Sometimes.  We hope to make a difference in her family.

Bottom Left: Brian Lubuka, from Kenya.  He lives with his Father and Grandmother, not sure what happened to his mother.  Knowing Africa, and the desperation there, it’s probably not good.  Both Father and Grandmother, only sometimes employed.

We read about these children, and in the face of abject poverty, they don’t cease to be children at the core.  They love to play together, and sing, and bicycle.  How joyous.  However, we do know of the need that they face; many of these kids working to help bring home food for the family.  There are many days that these kids question if they will eat dinner.  Many face even more peril.

Our prayer is that God would sustain these children and that through Compassion and their partners, education of the whole family would go to better there chance to succeed in life.

Edmund Burke said: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Don’t sit idly by, and do nothing.  All that it takes to make a difference in a child’s life, is $38/month.  That’s ALL!  That’s your fancy coffee budget.  That’s my fancy coffee budget.  I have decided to change my buying habits, and make a difference in a child’s.  These 4 children know of a compassionate God, a God that sustains them, and gives them hope.  Jesus is real to them, through these $38/month.  Will you make a difference?  Will you change your buying habits, to change the very LIFE of a child living in poverty.  Trust me, it will change your life too.  Please, click here, and let the journey begin.





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