Well, that wasn’t too bad!

4 09 2010

Hello friends,

After six weeks of paper chasing, John and I are just a few documents away from being finished with our paper pregnancy!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the encouragement and prayers over the last few weeks.

We mailed all of our home-study paperwork on Tuesday to our social worker.  We will be meeting with her within the next week or so.  This is the last report that we will need in order to submit the immigration paperwork to USCIS.  Once we get the immigration paperwork back, we will be ready to submit our dossier to Ethiopia and wait for our referral for sweet Samuel.

I can remember the overwhelming feeling when we began this process, but can look back and see the hand of God over the whole process.  He has guided us and poured out His favor over the last few weeks.  We were told that this process would take 4-6 months to complete, and we have almost finished in six weeks.  Glory to our Wonderful God!!

I have been dreaming about our little boy a lot over the last month.  I will wake up to him calling out to me and holding his arms  out to me.  My heart aches to see him, my arms ache to hold and comfort him.  The Lord is truly knitting our hearts together, but until we are united, He will continue to be our Comfort.




One response

5 09 2010
Ann Gilmore

Your family has been such an inspiration to mine. We are continuing to pray for little Samuel. We are patiently awaiting his arrival into your home. Please make sure that we know when he has arrived. We would love to come and greet him. God is our comfort and knows the perfect time. You are so blessed.

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