Homestudy Madness = Almost Finished!!

10 08 2010

So here it is my friends, the reason(s) for all of the gray hair that you have been seeing lately!  We are almost finished with the homestudy process, and getting started on the dossier.  We only have a to get the kids cleared through their doctor, have TB tests, and schedule a few more appointments and then we wait for visits with the social worker.  Hopefully we will be complete by the end of August, and be able to finish the dossier and get it submitted by the first of October.  FOR OUR PRAYER PARTNERS:  PLEASE PRAY THAT WE CAN USE OUR TIME WISELY AND GET THE DOSSIER FINISHED BY THE TIME WE GO TO AUSTIN ON OCTOBER 5. (It has to be state certified before we can send it to the Ethiopian embassy.)

Here is a list of documents that we have had to collect for the homestudy(just in case you were wondering):

1. Home Study Application

2. Adoptive Parent’s Right to Information form

3. Home study questionnaire (series of about 120 questions that both John and I have to answer separately.  They are not yes-no answers, but rather paragraphs)

4. Authorization/Consent for the Disclosure of Confidential Information Form

5. Criminal Background Check

6. Drivers License / Social Security Card Copies

7. Payment for Home study and Post Placement Visits

8. Guardianship Statement Form

9. Residential History

10. Statement of Faith

11. Medical Examination for each family member, including kids.

12. Inspection from plumber / electrician / AC/Heat dude

13. Fire Inspection from the Fire Marshall

14.  Environmental Health Inspection

15.  Home Ownership Proof

16. Birth Certificates for all family members

17. Marriage License / Divorce Decree

18. Health Insurance Coverage Proof

19. Pet Vaccination Proof

20. 1040 Tax Form from last year

21.  Financial Statement

22. Sketch of floor plan of home showing dimensions and purposes for all rooms.

23. Photos of the outside of our home

24. Employment verification letters

25.  Reading agreement (we have to read 5 books and complete an 8-hour online training program)

26. Home study Agreement

27. Home Study Post Placement Agreement

28.  Reference letters from our pastor and 2 friends.

Ok, so if you’re still with me, you can understand the need for me to re-color my hair every 4 weeks!!  Lots of prayers, the most awesome and supportive husband, and a good running partner (thank you Laura) are the few things that are keeping me sane at the moment.  We continually stand in awe at the work that God is doing in our lives, and look forward to sharing Samuel with each of you!!




3 responses

10 08 2010

OK, wow! That’s overwhelming just reading it!!! Many prayers that it all comes together by the end of the month. AND… if you don’t have time to color the gray you can always wear a wig 🙂

10 08 2010
Jenny Alanis

we can help with #12!

15 08 2010

Wow. That is a lot. Praying continually for you guys. Do you feel comfortable sharing on the blog or maybe by email what the financial costs are for each step and what your need in that respect is?

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