…and the Journey begins

9 06 2010

So this is my first attempt at the blog-o-spere.  So many things have happened since the last post.  After many months of prayer and petition, laughter and tears, searching and researching, and more prayer and petition…..John and I have decided to follow the Lord’s prompting to adopt a son from Ethiopia.  This is definitely not a decision that we made overnight or overweek, but a result of a BIG GOD working on our fragile hearts.  We officially submitted our application to America World Adoption Agency on June 7.  We are anxiously awaiting our paper pregnancy and the arrival of our son from Africa soon.

God has used the last few months to peel the scales from our eyes, and to allow us to see the world through His eyes.  For the first time on Saturday night, my heart was burdened for my child that is half-way around the world.  There is an emptiness that I know will be filled when he arrives home.  I am overjoyed and completely humbled that God would grant me such a privilege.

I woke up Sunday morning, and read the Christmas story during my quiet time.  I know it’s a strange story for the beginning of June, but I was reminded of Mary, Jesus’ mother.  She was told that she would have a child, completely unexpectedly, but yet she counted it a blessing that the God of the Universe would choose her.  I identified with Mary, in that moment.  God has chosen me to be a mother again, quite unexpectedly, and I am at peace with this, I embrace this with open arms.





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9 06 2010

Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations!!! I am beyond thrilled for you guys!! Having “watched” some other friends go through an international adoption (a little girl also from Ethiopia!) and now going through their second adoption process, having witnessed how the Lord paved the way and opened every.single.door for their ‘heart’ child to be brought home … I can’t wait to see how the journey unfolds for the Cordes family! Keep posting updates!!

9 06 2010

Wow! I am thrilled for you guys. I have several friends that adopted and each of their stories, like yours, gives me chills. I love God’s surprises.

9 06 2010
Sarah Hubbell

Wow, I am so excited for you guys! This is kind of amazing because God has been putting adoption in my path at every turn in the past few months. It weighs heavy on my heart and I think either fostering or adopting is in our family’s future as well. Now I’m just praying my husband will come to have the same heart as I do for it.

9 06 2010

Dearest Vanessa and John, I wish you the very best for the adoption. Now that I’m a young mummy, I understand how you feel!
God bless you and your children.

9 06 2010

Congratulations!!!! We are thrilled to witness the exciting way that God is working in your family! Yall are dear and precious friends to us!

21 06 2010
Karen Nutt

Vanessa and John,

I hope all is going well and that God’s “speed” in your adoption process is as “quick” as you would like. I can’t wait for you to receive your special long-distance gift. Please stay in touch.


PS-Vanessa I’m sending you a private email.

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