Manor de Cordes

19 08 2008

Life comes at us fast.  If your not careful, you’ll find yourself looking back, and the kids will be grown, and all the cute things they said, and all the fun times we had, and the lessons we learned together will be lost.  We’ve gone too long just living day to day and forgetting to document this stuff.  So now we write them down.  We join the throngs of bloggers and post our life for the world to see.  We share as if you wanted to know.  

But you must know, our kids are hilarious and precious, and curious.  We too are curious.  We are living this life, running after God, and His desires for us.  

About us:  I am John, a Husband, Father, Disciple of Christ; a Pastor at my Church, Songwriter, and Triathlete.  

My wife will be posting on this as well.  This is us right here.

Me and V

Her name is Vanessa.  She is my best friend, my Anum Cara or soul mate.  We met when we were 16.  I have been googly eyed for her ever since.  

We have 3 children.  Morgan (11), Bailey (6), and Reagan (19 months).  They are my little angels, and all 3 Daddy’s girls.  We’ll be sharing stories about each of them.  

May God bless you guys today.  Hope you enjoy what you find here.




One response

27 08 2008

Welcome to blogging. It’s one of my favorite things to do… write and share about everyday type stuff. Vanessa did such an awesome job of blogging while on the trip… I loved how she wrote and expressed herself. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂

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